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该篇报导的标题是〈土耳其不会步上大马后尘〉,高总统在他首次官式访问北赛普鲁斯时,回答有关担心土耳其会变成一个类似大马的询问表示:“土耳其正与欧盟谈判成为正式成员。如果仍有人担心这项课题,那么我们应担心的是这些人。”(土耳其一家名为SABAH 报章这么报道)




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  1. jojoang says

    i visited a middle east friend’s break fast dinner; shamefully to find out that his remarks on malaysia’s state of policemen corruption-his personal experience while did his business in malaysia. he is a muslim.

  2. jojoang says
    this statement is cut from part of the report mentioned: are we?

    What could be a better proof of the mistrust in the national army? Turkey can neither be compared to Malaysia nor to Iran. Malaysia only achieved independence in 1957. Its population is 24 percent Chinese and 8 percent Indian. It has no unitary state structure, and its provinces have their own sultans and administrations. Apparently, the sultans and politicians wanted to lock the true Malaysians around Islam.

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