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• 达致社会低罪案率,无论是公民、游客或投资者,人人在街上、公共场所或家中皆能拥有安全感,让免于成为罪案受害者或不受犯罪恐惧的基本权利,不会仅沦为空洞的承诺。
• 不再容忍贪污、滥权与金融丑闻;
• 恢复国人与国际社会对我国司法真正独立与公正法治原则的信心,以便加强我国在近年来遭到严重削弱的国际竞争力;及
• 一个跨越种族、宗教或政治分歧的国民国家意识及身份认同。


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  1. mayleow says

    Why DAP never against the sending of ‘buy one free one ‘ deal of astronault project.Don u think its a waste of money. Because of that gov staff no bonus,flew off to space, the increment of salary cause inflation. this and that going up the price, At the end the malaysian will sufeer. malaysian not enough primary school and those sick no enough doctor cause the doctor are sick of so many patient. They prefer to go to space to have a no gravity stress . They are suppose to work in the hospital, not go to the space. Actually those scientist should go nto the space and not the doctors. Two doctors, 1 year training, how much money it cost, how many patient dying because of them. The one in the space is just to carry out simple AND fun experiment. Why DAP just keep quiet?

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